Using the most advanced tools on the market, we have ventured into the industry of prototypes. With the use of the MDX series from Roland, we can now literally take anything we can fathom and turn it into a real physical object. This has all kinds of applications in the industry, from making custom made props, to generating highly detailed characters for animation through stop motion animation, to even venturing into the world of jewelry design.

            One of  our main clients decided he wanted to implement a whole collection, and we where given the task to design it. Not only did we design it, but the Roland MDX gave us the power necessary for us to create it, make it real, and develop the actual jewely pieces that our customer desired, delivering precision in all aspects of the creative process. Our client was able to modify and change the design before taking it into the production line, making sure he got exactly what he wanted. Designing through a computer also allows to minimize costs, while delivering superior quality.

           We need not specify the fact that our customer was delighted with the process of creation, since he became a key role player in it.

Acueducto de Xalpa #70 Colonia Vista del Valle, Naucalpan Edo. de Mexico

Telefono (525) 55 5364 4537
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